Why you should choose Us

Hard Drive Recovery

Lost data can usually be recovered immediately regardless of whether the hard drive has crashed, been damaged or experienced a natural disaster.

Why Do Hard Drives Lose Data?

EDaRLab Data Recovery engineers classify hard drive data loss in two categories:

Logical failure

Mechanical failure

What Causes Hard Drive Failure?

The list of incidents causing hard drive failures includes, but is not limited to, human error, power surges, overwriting, physical damage, natural disasters and viruses.

We Are Great At What We Do

Hard drive data recovery and file recovery involves more than just replacing parts. EDaRLab Data Recovery engineers use cutting-edge recovery tools and proprietary processes to ensure the most successful outcome – the result of continual investment in R&D and more than 20 years of experience.

What We Are Offering

  • Clean Room Enviroment

    Hard disk recoveries related to mechanical failure are performed in dust-free cleanroom environments where they are carefully dismounted, examined and processed.

  • Drive Imaging

    Damaged or failed hard drives are imaged to a working environment, providing the most complete data recovery possible.

  • Proprietary Tools

    When there is physical media damage, EDaRLab Data Recovery tools can read around the damaged area.

  • Free Data Erasure / Wiping

    Data destruction is a vital security measure that most companies should have implemented into their asset management policy. It’s the most effective means of protecting your company’s interests and your customers’ sensitive information. At EDaRLab we offer free and comprehensive data erasure for free

  • Flexible service

    EDaRLab tailor a data erasure solution to meet your needs. Affordable- For those companies with aging equipment, this solution provides peace of mind at a price that is not detrimental to the bottom line. Sensitive data erased completely. Complete audit trail — full end-to-end service is provided, from logging and confirming all media containing data to be erased, right through to issuing end certification.